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 Why we love what we do

The Start

Whoever thought a country boy from the sticks of Huntsville, Texas would end up where he is now? Boothaholic Engineering was given birth by the hands of Shardrick in 2014 just as a hobby. First building wooden boxes to help with the photo booth business he was starting. As time went on he perfected his builds then started selling the wooden booths to other people who were looking to start in the photo booth industry. 


Many people told him "to just stop!" "No one will buy your wooden booths!" Tons doubted his ability to perfect the craft, and just like a Phoenix rising up out of the ashes, Boothaholic Engineering has proven to be a contender in the Photo Booth industry.    

Boothaholic Engineering

Boothaholic engineering is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge Photo Booth and Kiosk designs. All of our products are engineered locally in the state of Texas. Our customers are provided with a product they are proud to call their own and use at their events regularly. 

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